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About GetWET

The GetWET Observatory is the only outdoor hands-on water education facility in the Rocky Mountain Region. Located on CSU property along Spring Creek is a groundwater well field that allows students to study the interaction between the creek and the groundwater.

GetWET hosts approximately 800 students per year from grade school through grad school. Students study water quality and quantity issues and how they relate to use, conservation, and flooding.

Annual teacher institutes have attracted 75 teachers from Front Range communities interested in making the study of water more engaging and interactive.

The GetWET Observatory is a collaborative effort between the CSU Department of Geosciences, the CNS Education & Outreach Center, and the Poudre School District. The GetWET Observatory was initially funded by the National Science Foundation's Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement initiative and has received generous support from In-Situ, Inc. and the Warner College of Natural Resources

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